Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mercola is Anti-Vegan

Here are at least 8 times where has written against and/or misrepresented vegetarianism, vegans, and/or veganism. They seem to rely on ex-vegans and ex-vegetarians that tried it out in the 1980s for their erroneous statements. 

Stop believing everything they post, and stop using them as a reliable source of information. Many of the claims they write in their articles are based on pseudoscience and misinterpretation of data. 

I'm listing some of the articles as proof (I didn't look for more because I don't think there's sense), but they mostly contradict ADA's statement and in depth review that determined vegan diets are safe: 

Anti-vegan articles and a report by Mercola: (contradicts the latest research on vegan pregnancy safety and the ADA) (sulfur deficiency claim based on a very small study of males in Chad, which is not representative at all) (sneakily claims he doesn't not support plant diets, but then makes a statements that alludes that you can only get most of your nutrients from meat). (claims eating meat is healthier because of sulfur again - a deficiency that just isn't an issue)

AND a FULL report against vegetarian/vegan diets:

In conclusion, say NO to Mercola. Stop spreading wrong information from a website that doesn't even support your lifestyle choice.

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